Test Prep

AdeptPrep helps students prepare for the SAT or the ACT, beginning with helping students choose which test is best for them.  We work with students one on one, finding where we can get the most traction to improve that individual student's scores -- one of the many reasons individual prep is so much more effective than group classes. We ask students to give us a minimum of three months of lead time if possible to prepare for the SAT or ACT.  (For subject tests one month is usually plenty.)  

We also prepare students for the College Board subject tests and AP exams, as well as the LSAT and the GRE.

Stats for the SAT classes

The New SAT is much more content-based, and includes a substantial amount of statistics - that students don't know.

As a statistician, our Director of Tutoring wasn't sorry to discover this new emphasis, but since the high school curriculum in the Washington area generally does not include statistics before senior year (if at all), students need to get caught up. Jen is now periodically teaching a two part class (4 hours total) to provide students taking the new SAT the basic statistics knowledge they need.  Email us to learn when it's next being offered.