Sunday drop in class

Our Sunday afternoon drop in class has a threefold focus: learn and practice mindfulness based meditation; learn about and discuss a spiritual discipline (e.g., gratitude) or a teaching from various traditions (we're halfway through the Four Hinderances); explore how these can help students become the people they want to be (improved self-esteem, better relationships, etc). This class is co-taught by Jen Dillon and Agatha Glowacki; the latter rotates with a variety of guest teachers in order to bring in various perspectives. Further information about Agi, Jen, and the first two guest teachers is below. The room holds about 8 students, so please email to sign up. First class is free. 

“Through the weekly meditation class, I’ve been able to reflect on my own beliefs as well as learn ways to focus my mind and relax. Applying what I’ve learned in the class to my daily life has helped me have less anxiety and be able to appreciate things more. Jen, Agi, and the guest teachers offer different perspectives that help me to continue to strengthen my mind while learning to embrace myself and the characteristics I want to embody.”
— Rachel S., senior at Wilson High

more about our instructors

Agatha Glowacki, PhD, RYT

Agatha was first introduced to meditation through yoga classes while an undergraduate at Harvard. What started out as a means of stress management quickly grew into a lifelong passion that inspired her to become a yoga teacher and meditationinstructor. She has been a meditator for over a decade and studied extensively in both the Theravada and Tibetan traditions of Buddhism, including a summer residency at a Buddhist monastery where she studied mindfulness. She has also studied Catholic contemplative traditions, and spent time in retreat with Catholic monks and nuns. Agatha is passionate about working for transformation on a societal level, earning a PhD in conflict resolution, which she teaches to university students, inmates at prisons, and anyone else willing to learn.

Jen Dillon, Director of AdeptPrep

Jen began practicing yoga in 1997 at Santa Monica College and continues to practice regularly. She began meditating five years ago and soon thereafter started incorporating it into her work with students, to combat test anxiety and to improve concentration and clarity of thought. Many students have found this to be beneficial beyond the classroom; the AdeptPrep meditation classes were born out of a request for mindfulness for the sister of one of Jen's students who didn't need any academic support, just meditation! Jen has a BA in Psychology in addition to her degrees in Math and Statistics. She studied the science of happiness with Nancy Etcoff while at Harvard and her most influential meditation teachers have been Hugh Byrne and Tara Brach. 

Muhammad Abdur Rahim 

A doctoral student at Howard University in African and Islamic history with a focus on spirituality, modernity, and countering violent extremism, Muhammad's path of peaceful living began in his hometown of Charleston, SC -- the Holy City -- where he was steeped in a diverse and eclectic spiritual and religious community: raised in the Islamic tradition by his parents, educated in Catholic schools, and growing up with family members and friends who journeyed on diverse contemplative and spiritual paths within Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and new age thought. While studying in Senegal, a trip to Timbuktu introduced Muhammed to the Islamic spiritual tradition of Tasawwuf or Sufism and its utility of mindfulness. He has studied for almost two decades under the spiritual tutelage of well known scholars of spirituality and has visited holy sites all over the world (including India, Thailand, Egypt, and Honduras). Muhammad feels its vital to connect with like hearts of all traditions, but also to take the quiet alone time for internal peace. 

Aqeel Yaseen, ERYT 500

Aqeel began practicing meditation and yoga 15 years ago as a vehicle to heal from the depression and obesity he suffered as a teen. He has since completed five teacher training programs, and has studied classical eight limbed yoga primarily with Sri Dharma Mittra in New York City. The the ethical guidelines that prepare us to live our lives with proper discernment and awareness of our relationship to the whole of existence are the foundation of traditional eight limbed yoga.