Subject Tests

Spring is the time to take these tests, while the material is fresh! Any student taking APUSH, pre-calc, or one of several other subjects may want to take a subject test on June 1st. Some selective schools still require three subject tests!

The great thing about subject tests is that they are entirely score-optional -- so you only send your scores if you like them. More good news: it's just a 1-hour multiple choice test, and the US History one is pretty easy. Also, the math subject tests are very prep-able and have the potential to demonstrate a higher capability in math -- I've had students improve 200 points and many often do better on the math subject test than the math section of the SAT or ACT.

Be aware:  There is a guessing penalty, and the curve is such that the correct strategy is to omit plenty of questions!  For the Math 2 test, for example, students should omit about 10 questions.  Even more for World History.  

Don't go in blind -- ask us for a pdf practice test to take at home, timed.  We can help you score it, if it's not clear how to use the scale.  

Note that some students don't need to take any subject tests: if they've finalized their list with their college counsellor and the schools they're applying to don't require them.  In general, ambitious students applying to highly competetive schools are likely to need some scores to send.  

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